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SPARSH homoeopathy and Child Care Centre(SHCCC) is a HOMOEOPATHIC CENTRE established by Dr. Vijaya Patil M.D.(HOM)

Serving the sick and the mentally challenged since the last 20 years, SHCCC has achieved excellence in treating various diseases afflicting children, adults, old age, HIV / AIDS etc.

SHCCC has a special unit called Child Care Centre for rehabilitation of children who are mentally challenged (Autism. ADHD, Dyslexia, Mental Retardation etc). Their developmental needs are addressed at SHCCC in a holistic way with the HEALING SPARSH of homoeopathic medicines along with various therapies i.e. speech therapy, occupational therapy, special education, counseling etc

Our objective at SHCCC is early identification and holistic intervention. This is extremely important for a favorable prognosis i.e. of their integration in society. Early detection, holistic interventions helps to minimize the degree of disability or remove it completely. Patients are supported and encouraged by our team for consistency in treatment and various prescribed therapies for a fruitful outcome.

                      our aim

Nowadays, as life is becoming more and more stressful, the impact of stress can be seen at the mind and body level in the form of various physical and mental disorders. Hence the need of the hour is a holistic approach i.e. to treat the patient as a whole (mind and body) and not only the disease or diseased parts.

We have in our hand the greatest gift of God delivered through Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – i.e. Homoeopathy which says “I treat you as a whole and not your parts (disease)”



  SPARSH EDUCARE (SEC) is the educational unit of SPARSH Homoeopathy and Child Care Centre to educate children with developmental and mental health problems.

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  Homoeopathy For

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  Facilities Available

  • Homoeopathic consultation
  • Holistic approach for special children
  • Psychological assessment for children and adults-IQ, ADHD, Behavioural, AUTISM etc.
  • Educational assessment , LD assessment and guidance
  • Aptitude testing, Vocational guidance
  • Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Remediation
  • Yoga therapy
  • Counselling
Online consultation is available

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